Next birds and progress report

One of the things I failed to mention last month that often I will print several paper copies of a bird (or other image) in various sizes and place the cutouts on the block to see what size works best.  I can also use these cutouts as "space holders" when I'm planning my stitching.

The next two gold birds will be a cedar waxwing and a hummingbird.
The waxwing is, as you can see, fairly simple shapes and can be transferred  easily with my "cut away" transfer method.

On the other hand the hummingbird is quite complex but it too can still be easily transferred you just have to cut away more parts.  Shown here as a paper cutout above (sections marked for placement of gold embellishments)  and below the results after doing the transfer by cutting away bits.

Things I've learned so far: 

I figured the gold velour was going to be a bit stretchy headache but I had to try it anyway because I loved the color and texture.  But it turned out to be fabulous.  The color enhanced the beads, etc. and it was a dream to applique....so I am using it some more...  I couldn't have been more shocked at how well it worked out.

Next my initial plan was to paint a bunch of lace gold and work from that.  But there is such small amounts of lace on the birds and the shape has to be so specific, I realized I'd end up with a pile of gold lace I wouldn't use.  So I will paint lace gold as I need it..


Marilyn said...

I love cedar waxwings. They are so smooth and the shape of their bodies is simple and elegant. Looking forward to seeing them :)

margaret said...

I know these are going to be beautifully done so complex but you break them down and achieve wonders

Margaret said...

Love your wax-wings! We have them around here too. Alas, this afternoon my cat liked one too much... :-(

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've only ever seen cedar waxwings once - a whole flock of them descended on a tree in our backyard, gorged themselves on berries and then disappeared. I was utterly mesmerized while they were there. Look forward to seeing your stitched version.

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