Let there be even MORE light...

I got another Luxo magnifying lamp so I have one at the dining table in addition to the one on the painting table.. What a difference.

I purchased my first Luxo over a year ago for my button painting and I just can't imagine life without it now.. Shirley Fassell got one about the same time and I emailed her to see if she still liked it....  Received a sentence back with a long string of loves describing her feeling about her Luxo..

The first Luxo is attached to my painting table and not easily moveable and I had been using my old magnifying lamp at the dining table.

I can tell you what I didn't like about the old magnifying lamp. Besides the incandescent bulb, the spring arm was controlled with little knobs which were constantly loosening no matter how hard I tightened them and I ttied to solve that with a pieces of wood and clamps..  Then there was the lens and lamp... It only was adjustable up and down - not side to side... AND weight of the lens and lamp always caused it to gradually sag downward.  So I was constantly adjusting it...  Plus the magnification and light were as not strong enough anymore. 

I had recently sold two antique wrought iron lamps and the money couldn't have a better use than more light for me.

The original post about the lamp was fall of 2014  but to recap  I learned quite quickly that magnifying lamps are available from about $38  to about $500.  First you are confronted with an alphabet soup of initials... KFM, LFM, IFM, LED, and ESD plus what seemed to be endless choices for mounts, length of reach, lights, position of lights and  circles of increased magnification.  etc...and then there's the shape of the lens and the quality of the lens itself.  I was desperately wishing there were somewhere I could just try one...  I had already ordered one that was mid-range price and sent it back as it had a problem with distortion and the lights were on each side of the lens which was terrible.

Then much to my delight and  surprise at this very moment Shirlee Fassell  published on post on this subject.  She was having the same problems but her husband bought a lamp at All-Spec and she loved it... And that is how I came to order this wonderful magnifying lamp.

And I can tell you right off the KFM refers to the quality of the construction.  This lamp is heavy duty construction and suitable for use in a scientific lab and when I position it, it stays there.  The head is completely adjustable... side  to side, up and down and tipped every which way.  This is especially nice when I am working on MOP buttons which have weird reflective areas.  I had a 3 diopter (strength of lens) and moved up to a 5 diopter and chose a LED lamp which is dimmable.   The lens itself is optical quality and fabulous..     This lamp was  about $360 or more plus shipping but right now it is on sale. This is definitely a case of getting what you pay for.  I don't know how long the sale lasts but if you are in the market for an excellent magnifying lamp...


The Luxo KFL026128 is a KFM LED 5 diopter high output illuminated magnifier with a 30" reach and edge clamp mount.
Luxo KFL026128 Features:
  • Ideal for any inspection or assembly applications
  • Dimmable 9W LED light source produces 2500 lux at 12" working distance
  • Produces nearly 75% greater light output than traditional KFM models
  • Automatic shut-off feature for energy savings
  • 5 diopter (2.25X) optical quality glass lens
  • Fully enclosed neck assembly with 30" reach heavy-duty internal spring arm
  • No knobs to tighten or adjust
  • Self-balancing shade allows the lamp head can be secured in any position
  • Weighted base for easy transfer and mobility
  • Color: Grey
  • UL/CUL listed
  • 5 year warranty


Marilyn said...

I can only wish. Not in my budget for the foreseeable future but moving my lamp to the other side of my chair made a big difference with the eye migraines. Not stitching right now because I've been reading and I can't do both but I'll soon be finished the book and then I can stitch again after I rest my eyes for a few days.

margaret said...

can tell you are so impressed with this lamp. I have an older one that I think is like your previous one, is now held together with screws etc but needs replacing really, need it when at the swing machine if it is a dull day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This one is on my wish list - but alas not in my current budget. My DH bought me a little halogen table lamp for the princely sum of $5 and it's great. No magnification, but at least the light is bright enough to stitch by.

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