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There are color generation sites where you can insert a photo or fabric and it identifies the color palette.  The problem with these sites is, first, they give you too many colors and it is already a palette that you like.  So if you want to color help or to experiment or be inspired I have the website for you.. Design Seeds.  They're not selling a single thing.. nor will they be a problem with unwanted solicitation.  Two or three times a week they send you 2 palettes. You can enjoy the photos, delete them or do as I do and save the ones you like for future reference. 

Left to my own inclinations everything I stitched would be pastels such as this selection,  They are so soothing and pleasant.
But I don't want to be in a perpetual rut and it is not easy for me to leave my color comfort zone.

For example I would never save this palette as it is too much of a stretch for me.

But I did save this one because I love the pinks and I had never thought of using them with just grays and this palette is definitely in my future.  I have very few grays in my stash and will start saving some now..

But this is my year to "do" orange.  I have a lot of orange and have never, ever, used it..  I am using this palette now because it is so autumn and I will show you later how I used it to select fabrics and thread.

But this is the other "orange" I saved.  It is not very autumn at all. ...very cheery and perky..  I will definitely do this in the  future.  Who knows after these two projects orange may be my favorite color.

I will let you know when I save a palette as it may appeal to someone else.

  You do not even have to choose to have them send you palettes, you can go to their website and wander through their galleries of palettes for inspiration.  I guarantee you will find plenty..  Their site is used by artists and designers primarily but is useful for anyone... And you will find yourself using color combinations you never dreamed of..
I use the color palette swatch as a guide to gather possible fabrics and also as a guide when making a final selections.
Using a palette that you love as a guide will guarantee a harmonious piece when finished...

I do the same when pulling threads and embellishments.  
Here are some examples of very diverse palettes... Any excite you?


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the site link. I had it years ago but lost it. Orange used to be a "non-colour" to me but now I love it. I just had to learn what to pair it with. I am finding that my palette preferences have really changed. I used to do everything bright and bold, now I use a many more neutrals and quite often monochromatic for the fabrics and threads. But that could change again :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this! When you see colours put together like this it's just fantastic and gives you so many ideas! To be honest I like them all!

sewok said...

So glad to see that I am not the only one who loves this site. Kinda validates my thinking, I guess. Even having an art degree it's neat to see what can be pulled from a photograph. Love your site also. Phyllis

margaret said...

this looks such an interesting site off to check it out. I use a lot of orange, I know blue is good with it but I use green green and orange are my favourite colours. I am not a blue person or grey but have found myseld buying grey recently so must be liking it now!

Heather said...

I'd go with the orange / navy combo, personally... I''vevseen those palette 'cards' & wondered where they were coming from. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

I love the pinks you showed in the first photo but also the bright purples! I can't wait to check out that site -- thank you!

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