All work and no play

From its inception Susie and I had planned this visit as "all work and no play."  Usually we do a lot of stitching, shopping and fun things but not this time.

I had a basic pattern for the chatelaine but it desperately needed fine tuning and better instructions before it could be saleable.  Susie is a whiz at detail and we have been breaking down the pattern step by step and she has been busy redrafting the pieces to be useable in PDF format.

As for my part (besides helping with the pattern) I have mostly had my nose to the computer as Susie is about to launch a new venture and needs a blog which I have been helping her set up and also have been working on the graphics for her new header and business cards.

For breaks we have been experimenting with the variety of DecoArt gold products which she is sharing with me.  I was able to finish gilding the lace the January CQJP2016 yesterday and have gathered a pile of more lace  to do over the next few days... There are about 5 shades of gold in the paints and another 5 shades in the rub-on pastes.

Of course doing all this work does not keep us from continually chatting and laughing..


Marilyn said...

All work can be fun if you have a compatible companion to work with and talking and laughing make the work go faster. I'm anxiously waiting for your pattern - the one I made just isn't quite right. And I'm looking forward to seeing Suzie's blog and her new venture.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't think what you're doing sounds like work at all. Work is things like cleaning house and paying bills - I think having someone to share with makes all 'work' fun!

margaret said...

can imagine what a great time you are having with Suzie, how good to have a friend that has you same love of crafting and is able to help with your instructions

Renee said...

Sounds like an amazing work environment for the two of you! :)

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