Cut-away transfer AGAIN!!!

Of all the things I have shared I feel my method of cutaway transfer is the absolute niftiest.  If I want to transfer a design or image to a fabric with texture (velvet, linen, lace, etc) or a fabric that has a prominent print or    fabric that is too special to make any mark on, I ALWAYS use this method and apply it to the BACK of the fabric.  There is already a tutorial on this blog but I will go though the steps once again...

Since I work from the back of the fabric  I need a reverse image of my design.  Then I apply an iron-on interfacing to the back of the fabric.   I mark my image into sections. 

I then cut out the reverse image I want to transfer and lay it on the interfacing and trace around the whole image.

Please note:With birds I do not cut out the beak.  I always apply the beak at the very last.

Then I start cutting off the smallest outside bits.... in this case the top of the head and the tail.  Then I place the image back on the interfacing and make a line where I cut away.

I just keep cutting away bits and marking where I cut.

Eventually I was down to the wing which was the last part to cut up.

You can see what is left of the paper image as I cut it all up into small bits.

Then I do some basting with a contrasting thread on the lines...

And when I turn it over  I have my bird on this velour fabric.  There are no marks or chalk  or tissue paper to deal with and the basting stitches are easy to remove as I go along.  You would be amazed how easily and quickly you can transfer even very complex images this way.

So I have gathered my metallic gold threads and sorted them from light to dark and will soon show you how I start the stitching.


Marilyn said...

Nice to have a reminder of your method. I've used it but not for a long time as I haven't done anything that needs transferring. Reinforcement never hurts :)

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

This is a great tutorial - very clear. I always struggle with transferring images to some fabrics. I can't wait to see this bird stitched with the beautiful threads. I'm sure it will be very opulent, especially on what appears to be a velvet.

margaret said...

you have certainly given a very clear tutorial and we all know how well it qwrks when we see your completed pieces

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like this method - and definitely will be trying it. I've always struggled with tissue paper and then been frustrated with trying to remove it afterwards. Thank you Gerry!

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