How many women does it take to thread a needle?

I knew I was going to be in a waiting room at least 2 hours today in order to drive someone home.  So I took my little folding TV table, my beads and my sewing bag.  I don't see well anyway and the light was poor.  I struggled in vain to thread the tiny beading needle for #15 beads. 

Finally a lady came and offered to help....when she couldn't do it, another lady came and tried in vain.. A third lady gave it a try and called her daughter over who did indeed get the darn thing threaded.  The five of us all gave a cheer.  I had her thread another one as well so I had enough to last the wait.

And this is me dancing with joy as Susie Wolfe arrives tomorrow and I will be able to get her at the airport.  I hadn't mentioned that we haven't been able to get a car in or out for a week due to the condition of our long access road.  I was afraid she would chicken out and cancel...(being a California girl who thinks 60 degrees is cold)  But we were able to get out today and I can hardly wait for her arrival.  We have a full work agenda planned.


Lady Locust said...

That is hilarious! While stitching with an elderly friend last summer, we got to the point that she would just hand her needle and thread to me since neither her nor my mom could make it go through the needle:)
Happy Stitches.

kathy r said...

It is wonderful that strangers help strangers. It is a great story and I can relate to it. Thanks for the laugh.
Kathleen Mary

Marilyn said...

It seems a good idea to take someone younger along with us as we get older to thread needles. I'm using my vintage Singer 115 right now and it threads from left to right. Sometimes I can get it threaded first time, others I have to walk away and come back later because nothing works. So glad to hear that your visit with Suzie is a go :). Happy stitching.

margaret said...

can picture the needle threading you must all have had a giggle about it when the youngster finally did it not once but twice. Have a good visit with Suzie

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beading needles are necessary evils, but it takes a steady hand (and good eyes!) to thread the darned things. Wish I had someone younger around to do the honours, but I continue to struggle and swear.

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