Wall Thing and Wild Turkeys

Carol S. was the first to mention the wall storage thing and asked for dimensions...It is 18" wide and 48" long the the pockets are 3" square. There are about 100 pockets... I had no way to contact Carol directly but if she doesn't want it, it goes to Kathy aka The Mad Stitcher... It was intended for earrings but it would be great for findings, charms, jewelry parts etc. that we use in CQ.. I just don't have the wall space anymore.

Food is scarcer with all the snow for large birds like the wild turkeys and they have been coming to the house for sunflower seeds and the remaining crab apples on the trees. Obviously Morris and Molly delight in watching them forage and strut...Morris used to be frightened of them but not so when he learned they will fly into the trees if he appears..


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry--Thanks for posting the dimensions of the "wall thing."

Given your answer, I think I'll pass and let Kathy have it. But thanks for offering it up. I'm sure Kathy will have a great use for it; it just doesn't fit my needs.

LOVE the purple and orange block, by the way!

Carol S.

Anonymous said...

My cat sits and watches the birds the same way. Your winter scenes are beautiful. We are just cold here. Jane in MO

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