What I'm NOT going to do in 2011

Well Cathy and Kerry have me trotting out my goals as well for 2011. Just as important though.... what I'm NOT going to do in 2011.

1. I'm not going to get sidetracked... well not too often anyway... But I did hope to start my hidden image quilt (secret or magic garden) this year but I will only let myself think about... I've decided that this will be a larger than just a block or two so will need lots of sketches and planning...

2. I will not worry about weight as it depresses me. My weight has been stable for about 10 years (albeit too much -but stable)... My blood pressure, cholesterol, and all the other numbers are normal. So as Morris and the farm keeps me outside a lot and exercising I'm just glossing over this issue.... And I can always use Photoshop to put my head on a better body..

4. Not forgetting last year goal of paying more attention to my husband...not only listening to him but making intelligent responses as well..... I must continue and he deserves it. He has been so supportive through all mother's movings and I am SO grateful... Of course I've slipped a bit on the only table in the house but he has been able to eat there more than usual even if he is surrounded by lace... I really could do better on that.

Now with that out of the way I trot out this meager list for 2011

1. Finish my suffragette quilt. At first I wanted to have it done by April in Connecticut but since this is a labor of love I want to stretch it out through the year....through the summer at least.

2. Crazy Quilts seams. ...this is #1 challenge to myself this year... I want to have so many seam variations in my brain that they just fly off my needle...

3. Put my stuff out there.... I admire people like Pat Winter and Cathy K. to name a couple, who think far enough ahead to enter things. .. like contests and magazines etc... I am going to enter the American Alliance of Quilts contest first and next I want to do one for the Alzheimer's group. And I plan to finish the year with the Hoffman challenge..

I always wanted to do the Hoffman when I was making dolls... When I had the time I didn't like the fabric choices and when I liked the fabric choices I didn't have the time... I think 1988 was the last time I really liked the fabric choices... but this year is the year no matter what the fabrics are and I even have a clever idea of what I am going to do....which helps...

4. Etsy.. I've committed to this and need to get a system and get comfortable with it... Painting is the easiest part for me. It is the photographing, uploading, and the technical stuff that is driving me crazy... learning to use my new camera will help.

5. Clean out two smaller side rooms in barn which store large folding tables, about 100 chairs and other stuff left over from the nursery business.. (craigslist and donate them) Also make a start on the large room in the barn where I used to sew smocks and aprons.... There are 6 different machines and racks and rack of materials... (large barn sale) I will need Wil to get that all out when the time comes... I 'll also have to replace the wood stove and fix the ceiling where it leaks so I can sew out there again in 2012.

6. This is not really a goal but this is something that just rattling in my brain and I want to start thinking through... I'd like to do a larger tutorial of sorts on ways to salvage CQ projects that are not quite working for some reason or another. I've not a clue where I'm going with this but it just won't go away. I can always think about this while I'm doing drudge things like cleaning out the barn.....


taz said...

I love reading your blog and my eyes got bigger when you mentioned your hidden picture project. In the future, can you go over that more? I just remember the old "Highlights" magazines we read as children, and those hidden pictures were the 'highlight' of my day!

Cathy K said...

Now Gerry, dear, that is NOT a meager list. Think about it. One item is doing an entire quilt. Another is cleaning out the barn! Heck, each of those equals about three or four goals for anyone else!! And if you want to put me to work when I come visit next month, DO IT! As long as we have stitching time, LOL!! I like the idea of salvaging CQUFO’s from a design standpoint. As long as it’s not one of those “What the hell was I thinking?” projects.... Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Such worthy goals for such a busy lady. I so admire all the activities you are involved in.

My goal re: quilting is to finish my king size blue and green batik (Kaffe Fasset pattern) quilt complete with embroidered butterflies and CQ seams on several 6x6 squares.

Let's wish each other luck!

Jan Myhre
Spokane Valley

Carol said...

Its so funny that you started this post with a list of what you are NOT going to do.

I had decided that I wouldn't list what I will do. Then I was thinking about it and started listing in my head what I won't do.

Funny, you beat me to the post.

You do have a very ambious gonna do list, though.

FredaB said...

Gerry why don't you drop both lists and just let life take you where it will. That is what I am doing and if I need a kick in the pants to get going I am sure my friends will help out.

I too wonder where you ever get the time to look after your property, animals and home and still have time to paint and sew.

Me thinks you are too hard on yourself.



Gina said...

Happy New Year! I love what I see and it will only get better, I'm sure!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Glad to see Cathy and I have caught you up in the web we spun! lol Seriously, after last's years goals, and surprising myself by how far I got on them, I am a huge advocate now of making them. I always admire how much you get accomplished, Gerry, and how beautifully you do it all. For your big tutorial, maybe you should ask for volunteers - we can send you pics of the blocks we have that aren't working!

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