Pictures and decisions for blocks

Initially I planned to do the foundation and lace work for all nine blocks at once... but I have decided to work on just three blocks at a time to make sure there is some continuity in the embellishing but still have a feeling of making headway... So having made that decision, I chose the pictures for blocks 4 and 9 to work along with the center block and aim to have the three done to take back east in April..

For block #4 I am using shots of suffragettes who were arrested and jailed for demonstrating.. Along with those two pictures I'm using the one with two young women holding a poster. This is probably the most widely used picture of women demonstrating.. I will need to do color adjustments yet in this one to make it sepia..

For block #9 I am only using two images (yet to be color adjusted) but I must have this woman who is standing so proud ... Don't you just LOVE her...? The other photo is a group of women from Bellingham WA demonstrating.. I do have a better version of that photo to scan... Do look at the expressions on their faces...Are they determined or what?? Of all the photos I have these two best captured the spirit of the suffragette movement.... "pride and determination." Let the stitching begin!
And of course the hats!

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Laurie said...

I love the pics that you chose Gerry, where did you come up with the idea for this? Incredible!

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