Our anniversay dinner in London...

We did things a little backward.  Most people wait until they retire to travel.  We traveled while we were both working and had money....so this was the first trip abroad in about 10 years.  We always traveled in November but not by choice.  I had a nursery and I had to wait until plants in the greenhouses were dormant to leave and had to be here in Dec., Jan., and Feb because if it got below 0 degrees I had to use the propane heaters in the greenhouses... so November was our month and it happened to be our anniversary month so we celebrated in many wonderful countries...But this year in London was the very best...the very, very best...

My very favorite food is Dim Sum (Chinese dumplings) and it's not available anywhere  near Spokane so I did a little research before we left and discovered a world-class dim sum restaurant in London...very pricy.  But on Tues, Wed. and Thurs. between 2 and 5 pm they had a special menu at a price we could afford.  The restaurant was Yauatcha.  We had a dim sum feast.

It was served on numerous plates, little platters, and in steamer baskets and every bite was divine.  Some were steamed and some were fried.  The dim sum menu was:
Har gau
Crystal dumpling wrap
with pumpkin
Baked venison puff
Prawn shui mai with chicken
Mushroom spring roll with black truffle
King crab Shanghai siew long bun with pork
Prawn and bean curd cheung fun
Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and dried shrimp
The menu was preset and I was glad as it would have been difficult to choose.  Each dumpling was a work of art and they were exquisitely presented.  They even had pumpkin filled ones which looked like little pumpkins.  

And of course I had to have a dessert as I will never get back.. I ordered Raspberry Delice. It was a raspberry majari chocolate mousse with a lychee panna cotta center..
We did order another dessert to take back to the hotel and share.  It was on a base of pecan feuillantine with spiced mascarpone coffee cremeux.  They put it in a fancy box and tied it all up with a pink ribbon embossed with their name on it. We walked back through Soho hand in hand with our little box.
And a piece of that ribbon is going  on the lining of my chatelaine. A little reminder of one of the most special and romantic anniversaries EVER!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very happy belated anniversary wishes! Looks like a feast fit for celebrants - especially those desserts!

margaret said...

happy anniversary I think you will remember this one for many years to come, food looks delicious

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. And lucky you to find a dim sum restaurant. My sister lives in Vancouver and has a good one close to her home. She took me there once - luckily she has been there often and knew what to take off the tray as there is no menu - they just bring the cart around. Really good but not much chance of finding any here. Those desserts look srumptious although I'm going to have to go and look up some of the terms you used :)

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