Got the lace and now the gold stuff......

Several years ago I did a series of RR blocks doing my version of goldwork using ticky-tacky Christmas trims and combining it with CQ.  Since they were RRs I had to send them all out but I want to do some more for myself with the CQJP2016.. So the goldwork will be combined with the crème de la crème CQ   and will   be a similar concept as the block below..  I will do the goldwork "off-block" and add it as I did in this block..

Since I gathered up all the laces yesterday, I awoke this morning eager to gather all the gold stuff I had left and I still had plenty.

Luckily I am snowed in or I would be tempted to hit the sale bins for Christmas gold trims on sale and I really don't need any..

I did want to make some of the more structural laces gold and experimented a bit this morning.  Gold paint alone made them too dark but if I painted them, let them dry and then buffed them with gold Rub n' Buff,  I could achieve an antique gold look.. It also toned down some of the trims that were too glitzy. 

Talked it over with Susie W. this morning and she had a few more suggestions to try..
Also Connie E. posted for exquisite beaded birds and I was excited to see what the artist used for the bodies.  It looks like maybe a faux ultra-suede and she painted on it. It would be nice because it wouldn't ravel.

  I had just a bit of that fabric and the gold paint I put on it was ghastly (on the left) but I think the Rub-n-Buff will work (on the right).  Again Susie suggested some other products for me to try.  I also remember when I was making dolls I used gold eye makeup to get a soft gold look on fabric.  So I will get organized and try a lot of techniques.

Here are a few of the other blocks in that series.  The butterfly was worked on gold brocade and it needled well but raveled... and I have no more of it... For the body of the bird lower left I used a gold lame but it did not needle well so maybe I'll have to hit the fabric shop after all when DH gets back from the coast.  The block lower left was inspired by a piece of William Morris wallpaper.


margaret said...

plenty to chose from here best of luck deciding what to use and what not to

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW! More inspiration from your beautiful creations.

gocrazywithme said...

Gerry, I think I was in that gold RR too, or one similar to it. I found some gold stretchy fabric that was intended for dance outfits but worked really well for CQ. Like the ultra suede, it didn't ravel, and the stretch allowed me to pad underneath it with some fiberfill that gave it a 3D effect. I'm not sure I can find the rest of what I bought years ago, but I know they still sell it at my local Walmart and I'd be happy to send you some if you'd like to try it.

I'm looking forward to seeing your 2016 blocks. I only did 3 of my 2015 blocks. Feeling quite sad about it too.

crafty cat corner said...

You give me such inspiration and I thank you for that. Keep it up in 2016 and may it prove to be happy and healthy for you and dh.

Heather said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

I remember your posts as you were working on the faux goldwork blocks. Nice to see them again and I think your idea about using that technique on your cream on cream blocks is great. I'm looking forward to seeing them. At one time I had a wide leather belt in gold that I got from a thrift shop but I haven't seen it lately. Happy thrifting.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I remember that gold RR - how I wanted to play along at the time, but I had to back out before it started. I know I would have learned a lot in that one. It's nice to see your blocks once again.

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