Day in the barn

Anything I can't use in the house and can't bear to throw or give away goes to the barn and periodically I have straighten up and sort.  But today I was out there for two reasons....first we had some damage to one corner of the roof of the barn and though we fixed it, I feared it would leak where I had a lot of fabric store.  The second reason was to make a dedicated area for bins of stuff I want to go to grandchildren.  When Leigha was here this summer I had her pack up a set of china and some other things and it is all marked for her when she does have a place of her own....  I want to do this as an ongoing project for each of them..  And I did sort and clean some also..  I use the Bounce sheets in every box, drawer and bin to keep the mice out and it works.
So I moved all the fancy fabric bins and they are overflowing again.  I have taken bags and bags to retreats, I send a bunch with Cathy K. for a retreat and the local gals have had at them twice.  I am going to see if I can get some out-of-town stitchers interested in a "Stash Enhancement" day in the barn.  I don't know where it all comes from.  And there are smaller bins out of sight of lace, trims, and ribbons.  The bucket is for the leak....
And then there are the cottons, décor fabrics and the vintage linens on the rolling racks. 
While I was moving and sorting I did get the fabric pulled for projects I foresee for myself in 2016 including CQJP.  I always take a few days in January and set up several card tables and make my blocks for the year... Not many this year as most of my focus in 2016 will be finishing the cottage blocks and the hanky piece. 


margaret said...

What fun it would be to visit and explore your barn, it seems full of delights but goes to prove that whatever space we have we will fill it!

crafty cat corner said...

YOu don't know how good this post made me feel. I don't have a barn but I do have a large room and it is stacked like your barn with boxes of STUFF. lol
When I come home with yet another piece of fabric or wool my husband just laughs.
Good luck with the sorting, I can never bear to part with even the smallest bit of ribbon

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, I can see that it would be fun and inspiring to be in that barn with all of those different fabrics.

Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

Marilyn said...

I think of your barn as Aladdin's cave full of wondrous treasures. This summer I had a ruthless sort of my cq cupboard and shared things with some of my cq friends. I actually have some empty biscuit tins now - obviously my stash is not on the scale of your barn (grin). Nice tip about the bounce towels - I don't store anything out in our shed that mice can damage but I'll remember the tip. I don't like the smell of them in my laundry but I could deal with it out in the shed.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think we'd all love to come and explore in your barn!

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