My London Treasures

Well here are my London treasures.  I had limited space and limited funds so I made every purchase count.  The fun was in the searching and each thing I chose will bring back memories when I use it.

This is some of the laces I bought at the Portobello Market.  There were several dealers there with lovely lace garments but all also had a box of scraps and pieces tucked away and these were what I wanted and they were inexpensive.  The one near the left with the roll at the top is exquisite and is 5 yards long.  I bought it from a young man in a street booth and it was about $4 US.  It is obvious it was cut from a garment.

Two of my favorite pieces are this sleeve and one glove.  My first thought was to use the lace on the cuff of the glove but I know I could NEVER cut into this.  I am thinking I will do a collage in a shadow box and use it. 

I will use the lace on the sleeve and the fine silk tulle....and it will have to be something special.  Most laces were 2-4 dollars a piece.

I did find my way to the Button Queen on Marlybone Lane.  Quite close together was a Marleybone Lane, a Marleybone Road, and a Marleybone Street.  I was looking for different buttons in autumn colors and found a few there. 

The buttons on the right are turn-of-the century shoe buttons and they are dyed bone...all autumn colors also.  I found them in a button shop in Portobello Market.

One day I ventured to the Liberty haberdashery shop of fabric fame.  Didn't buy any fabric but they had a marvelous selection of ribbons cleverly displayed.

I chose ones I thought would look spectacular folded.

In the basement of Gray's Antique Emporium was a linen and lace shop which also had wonderful vintage trims and I fell in love with this metallic lace trim.  I wanted her to just cut me a yard of it but she wouldn't cut it and I had to buy all six yards.  This picture does not do it justice because it is absolutely gorgeous.  I can hardly wait to use it.  It was an extravagance but I knew I would regret it if I didn't buy it.

There was a huge table in a stall in Covent Garden market with about 8-10 large flat boxes filled with piles and piles of assorted costume jewelry in various states of repair and people were just rummaging through it.  Anything you found you liked was only one pound (about $1.50).   The blue rhinestone heart will go on the cover of one of the corset books.  I wish I had bought more there but it was near the end of the day and I was tired.  In the markets all the coffee and tea shops were jammed and had lines...just no place to sit for a few minutes...which probably saved me money.  This market was only open on Mondays so I couldn't go back.

The one disappointment was the Royal School of Needlework shop at Hampton palace. ..not their fault.  I had just mistakenly envisioned a large shop that would be thread heaven and filled with examples of glorious needlework... but in fact it was about the size of a walk-in closet with very little for sale.

I did manage to find a couple books I could use.

I found these lovely scissors in the gift shop at the Victoria & Albert museum. They were made in Italy and are razor sharp...and a stitcher can never have too many scissors.... at least not this stitcher.

Last but not least... this is the chatelaine I took with me.  I used it in every airport and on every plane.  Also it was so nice to have with me when I stitched in the hotel and have all my tools at hand.

It is a chatelaine I made as a class sample and this was the first time I had used it.

The theme on this chatelaine is bees so to commemorate it's first trip abroad I bought it this delightful bejeweled bee at Covent Garden.

You can see it near the center on the right side.  My old tattered chatelaine had little treasures from all over the world.


Marilyn said...

Oh such wonderful treasures. I wouldn't be able to put them away for quite a while - they'd be out where I could look at them every time I went by.

margaret said...

you certainly got around to lots of amazing places, some of which I had not heard of. Lots of good buys and all well priced. Glad you made it to Liberty`s an amazing place with beautiful but very expensive things. Your chataline is so lovely.

Suzie in Idaho said...

What a delightful array of memories. I'm so glad you found so many beautiful things to bring home. Lovely to cherish and bring you joy as you use them. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Love, Love your chataline. Suzie in Idaho

Suzie in Idaho said...

PS that Bee is AMAZING. What a find!!

Connie Kalina said...

Lucky girl to go on such a wonderful trip and get all these phenomenal goodies!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Treasures that bring back good memories of a trip are the best. You found some beauties and I love the idea of adding to the chatelaine!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You found some amazing treasures to fondle and love before you use them in your creations. Definitely envious drooling going on here....

LouAnne said...

Well, if I ever have a chance to travel to London, I now know who I shall contact to help me with my itinerary! Marvelous treasures; I am jealous!

Patty said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip!!

Patty said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip!!

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