I love having 27 shades of red....or blue or brown

As I'm going through this time caring for my mom while we wait for an assisted living unit to be available, I do get a lot of stitching done while driving her places and waiting for her at the nursing home, doctors, etc. But sometimes it's not long enough time to get needlework out, or nor the right space or I'm too tired or stressed... So I went searching about the house for something mindless I can keep in the car and whip out for even a short time...

I found the perfect thing.... this is several month's of DMC thread acquired at thrift store.. Obviously thread left over from needlework kits.. But I love it as there are a lot of "off" shades of color that are perfect for doing long and short embroidery of animals such as birds and bunnies... or flowers such as roses, daffodils, etc. There nothing like mixing several shades of a color to give depth.

I have been sleeping at home so I can get my animals cared for before I leave.... Off for the day now and do not expect to be home until late tonight... Morris misses me terribly....Should have her settled by the first week in December if all goes well with her manfriend.

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