A couple whatsits!!!

This plastic thingy was obviously designed expressly for Edmar threads... By accident I am now owner of four of these full of Edmar threads... ( and you all know how I feel about Edmar threads)
But this holder is kinda cool as the threads are relaxed and straightened and easy to remove with out getting tangled.. Do any of you use these...? Does this thingy have a name? Where do you get them? AND is there a special tool or trick for inserting the skeins of threads? Judging from the feel of the plastic I believe these are rather old and they did come from an estate sale..
I really liked that it has a space for the # tabs for the different colors..

Now these are actually tops I found at a thrift store... I just can't imagine anyone wearing one...especially if you have any boobs.. But the red one I found a couple years ago and shared it with Cathy K. When cut into strips it makes the MOST marvelous flowers for CQ... The bottom two I found the other day and since they are the colors I'm using in my suffragette quilt, I thought that I would cut them up and see if I can do something extremely exciting... I just love the feel of them and they remind me of a "slinky toy" because they change shape continuously... Right off the bat I can see they would make marvelous ruching... Watch for them on my quilt!


Diane said...

Isn't that the strangest thing that you would find these Edmar threads! I couldn't see from the photo if both ends of the tubes were open, if so, I guess you could use a long crochet hook to pull the skeins through. The thread could be ironed flat first and would keep straight and ready for use.
I have one of those crinkly blouses and I've never worn it.......

gocrazywithme said...

Gerry, I've seen those shirts in the store and thought they looked like they were made out of used kleenex! Much better to be used in a Cq!
I finally got a button painted! Check it out on my blog!

Rachel said...

I have one of those blouses and I have worn it, but - given it's winter here! - not for a while!

I think there used to be a tool sold with those plastic folders - a long hook - to pull the threads through.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry--to answer your question about the thread holders...

They are made by Edmar and are called "thread organizers." You can see them on the Edmar website here: http://www.edmar-co.com/catalog/extras/extras.html

You should be able to buy more directly from Edmar or from other stores that sell Brazilian embroidery supplies (I get my stuff mostly from the Nordic Needle in Fargo, ND).

There is also a tool used to pull the thread into the slots, creatively called "thread pullers." I haven't been able to find a picture of them online, but you can read a description and order some from JDR Brazilian Embroidery, http://www.jdr-be.com/brazilian-embroidery-supplies.htm

JDR also has the thread organizers.

Hope this is helpful!

Carol S.

Grovenore said...

Can we see a sample of a flower made from the blouses please. I have several of these but wasn't quite sure how to incorporate them.


crazyqsis said...

If you know someone who delivers flyers or the paper you can use the strapping from these bent over on the end to pull the Thread through these holders. My kids used to deliver flyers long ago... Before you put your thread into these holders if you hold it above a boiling kettle in the steam long enough to get the unruliness out of the thread that should help you have a much better time with edmar threads. lucky girl for finding these..
Melisa B

Pat Winter said...

Gerry, Take the tag off a skein of Edmar thread and hold the two ends around your fingers then hold over a steaming teapot while gently tugging them and moving from end to end. The threads will be as straight as a poker and you can put them in a bag and pull one thread at a time with no tangles. :-)

Margaret said...

Hello, Gerry. I have one of those plastic EdMar storage things, and it came with a custom hook-a-ma-jig to pull the threads into place. If you want it -- and the threads -- I will be HAPPY to mail it to you! I love the colors of EdMar, but haven't ever enjoyed trying to use it. Not my cuppa tea. Let me kow if you want the whole thing. margaretbetz@aol.com

Rose Anne B said...

Oh Gerry I LOVE my Edmar threads but I really could not find one of those holders locally and did not have a CC for ordering.
On my blog I made my own rolled holder with table cloth plastic inside and my coordinated fabric outsides. I use a fairly thin dowel just slightly longer than the channels and push the tab with the threads up from the bottom opening and secure by the hole with a quilting safety pin. I'll try and find that entry (under BDE) and send you the link.

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