Editing Magic

I know I have mentioned this before but will add it again... I always talk about Photoshop and I do have an older version of photoshop but what I actually use all the time is called "Microsoft Image Composer" (MIC) It's like a kindergarten photoshop and hasn't been sold for years... I keep meaning to use my photoshop more so I get comfortable with it but it's easier and faster to use MIC because I am used to it........ But anything I do with MIC you can do better with photoshop....

Remember in my last post I felt I was going to have a problem with the face on this girl because it was in the shadow of the hat and if I intensified the color to print on fabric it would really too dark? I wanted the face lighter but not the rest of the photo lighter....Well I performed a little editing magic..

I made an extra copy of the photo and edited out just the face. I then lightened it and pasted it on over the original.... You can see what a difference it made when you see the two photos side by side.... When I edit my son's pictures from his fishing lodge I have to do this little trick a lot because the fisherman are often wearing a hat with a big brim and their face is in deep shadow... and of course when they catch "the big one" they want everyone to see their big grin clearly... LOL

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