Progress on Margreet's Owl

I've completed the face with the long and short satin stitch using only one strand of cotton thread.. I love the barn owl's little heart-shaped face and serious expression. Since I am doing this motif on muslin and the edges will have to be turned under, I used alcohol inks to color the owl and and edges.

Now I will begin the body and am thinking I will use 2 threads, contrasting colors.. .with a satin stitch.

I did something similar when I did all the bunnies for Lisa except in that case I didn't do a satin stitch...I did parallel stem stitching along my directional guidelines.. I liked the texture when using two different colors of thread together.

I couldn't resist this shot this morning... They were waiting so patiently for DH to finish his yogurt just in case there may be a treat at the end for them..

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Where do you find alcohol paint? This is going to be so awesome when it's done. Love your dogs! what a cute picture, reminds me of our house at dinner time.

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