Owl and mini-tutorial

First the owl... I have left it at a high pixel so when you enlarge it you can really see the stitches.. Notice the smoother texture of the face using just one strand of thread and the different texture of the chest created by using two contrasting threads.. I created the "feather scallops" on the chest by doing a horizonal guideline as well as a vertical guidelines...

I used to have a terrible time filling in irregular shapes until I worked out a techniques for myself which I call "halfsies."
I'm sure there are conventional ways to do this but "halfsies" work for me...

The rust colored shaped around the owl's face is a good example.. It is not only curved, it changes shape as it goes around... I always also have difficulty explaining things that are simple to do but here it is. I will answer questions...

I just have the wings and feet to go before he is finished.. but another granddaughter is coming tomorrow for 11 days... Here's picture of her about 15 years ago.. I'd like us to don hats and do it again now that she is 20 years old..


Laurie said...

I'm loving this owl Gerri, thanks for the help on curves!
Would love to see a recent hat picture. How cute!

FredaB said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the curves. You do such beautiful work.

I am still admiring your blue bird. I really fell in love with him.

Have fun with your grandaughter.
Does she stitch? Mine doesn't yet and am not sure she ever will. You either do or you don't as the saying goes.



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