The Owl and the Granddaughter

I used a fine line permanent marker to sketch the owl on the muslin...I'm starting with the head and you can see I put the directional lines for the feathers in with a pencil.. I do them one section at a time because the pencil will smear. I love the barn owl's heart-shaped face and the ruff of feathers around the face. It has the most beautiful plumage..

Of course even though I have hundred of skeins of DMC cotton I never have the right colors for what I want.. Had to stop at Joanne's to pick up 5 more... Urgggggggggg....

Here is my lovely all-grown-up granddaughter Madison... It was actually a car deposit rather than a bonafide visit and she only was here one night... She graduated from NAU at Flagstaff, Arizona with a degree in hotel management and hospitality so she had all her life's belongings jammed into her little car. Since she is now on her way to the Netherlands to do a semester of study there, she had to do something with her car and all her things until January.....Grandma to the rescue!!!

Everything was taken out of the car, sorted and repacked and of course, Morris was only too ready to help (and pose).

Her friend Emily (on right) also just graduated and made the road trip with Madi.... Emily will fly home from Seattle and prepare for her new job as an environmental educator in SC.... Both sweet and lovely and even though the time was short I was grateful for it AND of course it means I'll get to see her again when she comes to collect her car in January... which hopefully won't be snowed in.


Laurie said...

Your grand daughter is a beautiful young lady. So is her friend. Congratulations to them both, and hope she has a great time in the Netherlands. What a great opportunity! I love the owl, it's going to be a treat watching him come together!!

FredaB said...

Your grandaughter is a very pretty gal. Isn't it wonderful to watch them grow up and go out in the world. You hear so much bad but not the good. There are so many good young people out there spreading their wings like your little gal.

You must be proud.

I have 5 GS's and 1GD - 3 in high school and 3 in lower school. So far they all seem to be very good scholars and on the right track. Hope it stays that way. They have good parents who care.



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