Owl is Finished

The little barn owl for Margreet's Art Nouveau block is finished and ready to cut out and applique to the block... Just one technique I wanted to point out.... I outlined the sections on the wing in black. Since I didn't want it to look like stained glass when finished.... as I filled it every once in a while I nipped the rust threads into the black outline... which broke up the line visually.

I also used two contrasting threads on the wings...closer in color than the two I used on the chest.

Yesterday we went through a bunch of old pictures... By far this was the favorite....when the kids coerced Gpa into going on a monster roller coaster... He's the one hanging on for dear life....


Lauri said...

Beautiful work NuMom!!

Laurie said...

WOW!! Margreet is one lucky lady, she's going to love it Gerri!!!
Love the roller coaster picture, how did he fare!?

Ati. said...

I have followed the owls process.
It has come out great Gerry! Margreet will be very pleased with it, I guess.

Cathy said...

Oh how excellent! And thanks for the tips/tutorial. - Cathy L

I love old photos too. I scrapbook and the gds are only 5 but they still like to go through their scrapbooks saying "remember when..."

I'm with your DH as far as roller coasters.

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