Valentine Pincushion

Oops..it's gone! I only have ONE of this special   pincushion kit.. Perfect for Valentine's Day... This kit includes a cushion of pink velvet covered with pink lace and the beaded fringes and gimp are already added.... AND the beaded fringe are little frosted hearts.   .

You may use the Victorian-inspired brooch included or as an alternative make your own ribbon roses toppers with vintage buttons.. ALSO included in this special kit are beads and a hummingbird charm to make your dangles... Either way once on a tall candlestick it will be a elegant treasure for a keepsake for yourself or as a gift. .. 

Once assembled with any extra embellishments you may add and a candle stick, it becomes a one-of-a-kind  elegant gift for  a friend or loved one. Consider adding a pink scissor holder along with it.   I will be adding two equally lovely blue ones tomorrow...

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