Rickrack lace information

Apparently combining rickrack (sometimes  referred to as wavy trim) with crocheting and tatting was all the rage around the turn of the century.  I found some pictures of this book and you can read about it at

This site http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa082600.htm  actually has pictures and on a linked page directions to making this lace.  It also has a great deal of history and trivia about this kind of lace making... I am so delighted to have a piece of this history of lacemaking..


  1. Hi Gerry:
    How wonderful to be able to look at the old ways and sometimes be fortunate enough to find a pattern or two. I have a friend who has shared some early 1900s patterns with me, and I love them!
    Hope you have a restful Sunday.

  2. This is something I'd like to try one day when I feel like wearing 2 pair of glasses so I can crochet with the fine thread. I'm sure I have some instructions in a piecework magazine and I'm going to check out the links you found. Thanks Gerry.

  3. Gerry, thank you for sharing the link. Who knew rick rack could look so good?

  4. Thanks Gerry for doing this research. I've always admired that rick rack "lace" so I'm socking this away for one day when I might actually want to take a wack at it!


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