Great CQ pattern

I took my visiting SIL to some thrift stores the other day and ran across this pattern and it is unused and has sizes 10 to 20 inclusive... Years ago I made a CQ jacket but it is looking a bit worn and having the whole jacket CQ is a bit much besides being heavy. But I can see possibilities for this pattern... It has been years since I've actually sewn a garment but this appeals to me... I love the square neckline.. It looks like it might be from the 70s from the illustration... goes on my "to do this winter" list...


Anonymous said...

Nice little jacked. Would love to see the finished project. Suzie in Idaho

FredaB said...

Hi >Gerry

I too could picture this jacket with CQ inserts. It could be dressed up made in velvet or dressed down in denim. Great idea. Must start looking at jacket patterns now you have me interested.

hope all is well with my friend Morris.



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