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I loved doing the CQI challenge block last year as it afforded me many new techniques to try... I started off with good intentions this year but got overloaded with too many other things.
Now I want to catch up and get back on track with this project. I started of piecing with curves which was a stretch because the piecing is not my favorite and I use the same piecing pattern for ALL of my blocks. Then I used colors I've NEVER used before... Nicki even had to send me fabric as I had none of this color palette in my stash..
I did have a rather loose plan in mind and I will have to study the block again as I can't remember all I had wanted to do by this rough sketch.
January was the piecing and fans and I did get that done...I did a beaded fan, fan seams, and a fan using mesh. I had decided to skip the velvet in February so to catch up I have to start with birds in March... I know I wanted to do a peacock so I best put on my thinking cap and do a peacock in a way I've never tried..... This yearly challenge is such great fun that I don't want to miss out...


Bobbi Pohl said...

I love those colors! The flow of the curves is appealing and the embellishments are apt and lovely. Way to go!

Plays with Needles said...

Without reading a word you had written, I sighed to myself when I opened your post today. I think that your piecing and color selection on this block is visually stunning. I also like where you're heading with your drawing..the peacock swirl tail leading down from the geisha cameo...very nice. I then was surprised to read about your struggle...evidently you handle struggle well, because I think this block is well on its way to being a real gem.

I think I would like this challenge too. I feel a little too behind to jump in this year...but maybe next...good luck Ger!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I just love the beaded fan! I am glad you are going to work on this block some more - I can't wait to see what all you add to it next!

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