Morning Mayhem with Morris

Morris's morning starts about 5:30am by nibbling on my ears.....even when I hide my head under the covers.... The living room is littered with bits of paper, bits of batting, thread, CQ trim, and doggie toys.... Of course doggie toys are his least favorite and CQ trim is "the most". He drags around a 1/2 yard of batting... hiding under it, rolling in it and tearing it apart.... He loves to chew on my slippers...when I am wearing them.....AND while I'm walking...

Then there is the little footstool.... He hides under it to jump out and attack Molly and any naked ankles passing by. He pulls it around by the fringe, turns it over to chew on the legs... and of course then pulls it around upside down by the fringe.
But by7am he is tuckered out and needs the first of his two morning naps... Do I love this puppy? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!


FredaB said...

Hi Gerry

Morris is adorable. Like a terrible two toddler. Run ragged until they fall on the floor all worn out.

One suggestion is be careful with the threads or yarn. The reason I say this is we had a friend with a Doberman and he got into a spool of thread and swallowed some which wrapped around his intestines. They had to operate to keep him alive. Hide the threads.



Carol said...

That thread thing is true!

Morris is too much fun. So glad you have him.

Thanks for sharing his shennanigans with us!

Ruby said...

Another day with Morris is always a fun day but exhausting! How I miss the days when the dachsies were small. We had the litter so when I moved it appeared that the floor was moving! There was FIVE of them. :)

Gerry said...

Hi Gerry, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your words of encouragement. We all need to take what life gives us and find something in that to be thankful for.

I love your little darling! He is too darn cute. His color is different than I've seen before. He's very handsome. And he really does look like a Morris! I don't envy you doing 'the puppy thing', though. LOL.

I appreciate the compliment on my Water Goddess piece. And I really like what you're doing with yours. You are so dang creative!!!

Hug and pets to all. Gerry H

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