Destroying the bowl is proper puppy etiquette!

I took this photo of Morris this morning as it's his 3-month birthday.... He gave me a royal welcome home with lots of kisses all the way home from the airport. He hasn't left my side all day today...

This picture was taken just two weeks ago so you can see how quickly he is losing his puppy face. It is puppy etiquette that if someone gives you a treat in a paper bowl, you must destroy the bowl.


Carol said...

He is just so cute. I never knew his breed to be tri-color. For now, he resembles a shep or collie...until he stands up with those short cute legs!!

FredaB said...

In that first picture he looks like he is smiling. So happy to see you back. The funny thing I remember about our last dog and probably all the others too is that I could be gone for a month or go out and pick up the paper and the dog would re-act as if I had been gone for a month. I wonder if time means anything to dogs?
Congratulations to your son for the wonderful lodge and business he has made for himself. It is good to see
that people can still do that with a lot of hard work I am sure.



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