How have I survived without these products?

This post is a thank you to my granddaughter Madi for expanding my life experience with tubes, jars and bottles.... When I visit here I stay in her old room... My bathroom has shampoo, one all-purpose lotion, and soap. Her bathroom and shower has numerous large baskets of all sorts of exciting, mysterious things that even when I read the labels I'm not sure where to use it... but at my age and my state if disrepair I can hardly go wrong... Unfortunately there is no manual for the use of all these products.

First some things are labeled "for women" and some are "for girls" so there was an obvious transition going on and not counting on miracles, I opt for the "women" products. I definitely want to try a tube of stuff that promises to restore sexy blond highlights for lustrous impact.. Even though my hair is gray it may help...sexy highlights have to be good at any age... among the other alternatives was a "solar power highlighter" which seemed a little scary.

Under the category of "maybe but what is it" ... a "phyto-marine lusterizer, a tube of "Bright Fun with shimmering sparkles"... hair or body? , or "moistrepair revival creme"... body or hair?.

Then there is the "unbelievable even to me category" which includes things like a "curling balm" which instantly intensifies and creates curls and a container that is labeled a "thickefy styler" and then defined it as "a coiffant epaissisant" which also seems a little scary.. Who makes up these words and can we use them in Scrabble..?

And edible items are represented with all sorts of things such as black cherries, nutmeg, mangoes, pomegranate, peach, papaya, etc. .... plus a gingerbread-scented lotion.

After perusing the baskets I will pass on all products alluding to my non-existent tan and settle on something that actually uses the word "shampoo", a sweet-pea-scented exfoliating body scrub which I needed after sitting next to "Private Itch" on the plane and the most promising tube called "Foot Bliss", a moisturising pomegranate foot butter... I love anything using the word butter that isn't fattening.....and maybe finish with a "take-me-away" tropical dream body mist.....

I have heard that Madi occasionally reads my blog although she has never left a comment.... YGG and thank you sweetie!!!!

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Lesley said...

Thank you for starting my day with a smile. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Blessings

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