Well life goes on!

DH with his Maggie last winter. She was 15 years old at the time. Maggie, died in June and he is ready for another dog . He doesn't have the patience for puppy training so an older dog suits him just fine...

We received a call from Corgi Rescue and they have a 4 year-old female that was slated for the animal shelter and needs a loving home. A loving home we have! DH is driving over to Olympia (about 6 hours) to pick her up today.
They did tell us she was nervous and not dog-friendly but as she came from a home with 3 dogs and 3 kids I'd be nervous and not too friendly either. But our Maggie was not very dog-friendly either and considered herself an "only dog" even tho Fritz lived here too! Anyway our quiet house and farm will probably seem like heaven to her. And the timing couldn't be better as things have been pretty sad here.

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Anonymous said...

I am so delighted for you, what a joy! Will look forward to hearing about the adventures of your new little girl. Suzie in Idaho

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