Robins...cutting out

Susan asked how I applique my felt pieces and what I do with the felt edges... That's the neat part...there are NO felt edges... The trick is doing a tight chain stitch around the outline. (See robin's nest ) When I embroider I stitch right into that chain stitch and when I cut it out I cut right up to the chain stitch... so there are no raw edges to tuck under... Nothing unravels.

Then I just put it on my block and stitch around it (catching the chain stitch) with the colors I used for the embroidery. If there is a loose thread or a felt fuzzy, it's easy to catch in a stitch... You can see that this robin is over a seam and some lace. It would have been hard to embroider this robin directly on the block..

I was never very good at applique using other fabrics. I could never get the edges turned under neatly and the whole thing to lie flat. So this technique using felt is perfect for me for both embroidery and beading. For beading you still outline in the tight chain stitch...The chain stitch outline is the magic element in this technique.

Actually I don't remember seeing this technique done on felt anywhere. But I may have so I won't claim to have invented it... and Susan I hope this answers your question and do try it!!!


Susan/CqLily said...

Wow, Gerry...My very own tutorial! I certainly will not be the only one to benefit from it though! Thanks for clarifying all those details. One of these days, I will try it...now to figure out how to thread paint first! :) You're great!

Anonymous said...

Love the robins Gerry! A nice little demo of this technique would be really nice at the retreat..hint, hint! Debbie (Maine)

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