Pitiful Pearl and MiniPearl

She was named Pearl for the white spot on her head, but she was dubbed pitiful because of her sad beginning. I bought 4 lambs at once two years ago. Three had been together with their mothers in the flock but Pearl had been rejected by her mother and had been separated from the flock and bottle fed at the house. She was such a tiny little thing and loved to be cuddled.
When we got home the three bonded lambs clung together when they ate and slept and every time Pearl tried to come close to them they moved... So whenever I looked out there would be 3 lambs in a group and Pearl about 10 ft from them.. She bawled all the time. To make matters worse the bawling irritated the older ewes and every time Pearl got close to them they gave her a big whack with their head. Nobody wanted Pearl.
Whenever I went out Pearl wanted to be petted and loved. If I sat on a stool to clip fence she'd put her head in my lap. And when I left she would bawl pitifully....hence Pitiful Pearl. By the end of the summer tho she found her place in the flock but she always remains my favorite.
She had her lamb last night, the last lamb due this spring. It's a big beautiful lamb and probably the only one I'll keep. She's only 1 hour old in this photo and I named her Mini Pearl and Cathy K. suggested she should have a price tag hanging from her ear.... Note: Years ago Minnie Pearl was a famous country singer who always had a price tag hanging from her staw hat.


Ati. Norway. said...

Oh, Gerry what a story. Now the lovely Pitiful Pearl is not longer alone, she has a very lovely child now ! Bottle lambs are always special. It seems they don't fit in a flock of sheep longer, maybe they talk to much human? LOL.
I have had many and they came to me, also when they were in the flock and growed up. Is it a female lamb, Minipearl?

Anonymous said...

Love your little lamb stories!! they should begin...Gerry had a little lamb...........and end, they all lived happily ever after!!! Debbie (Maine)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I remember Mini Pearl, and I am so glad you have a lamb out of such a lovable Pearl! Mini Pearl was one of a kind and I'm sure your Mine Pearl will be to!

gocrazywithme said...

A perfect name for a perfectly beautiful lamb.

Debbi (and Bob) Brown said...

Great story, Gerry. Thanks for telling us about Pearl. Glad it has a happy ending.
And that is a perfect name for her little daughter. I remember Minnie Pearl well saying H-o-w-D-e-e and the tag on her hat.

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