Miss Muffet "vignette"

When the spider RR was posted I began a search for Miss Muffets and found a wide variety..... I'm thinking this one says "Lauri's block" on it... But I just don't want it as an element or motif "on" this block... I want it integrated "into" the fairy garden.

I've never seen "vignette" in a crazy-quilting glossary but it should be there... To me a vignette is a level up from a motif. My favorite dictionary definition of vignette is "a pleasant little view" and I find myself doing them more and more. For me it's like bringing a little story to a block....

Lauri's concept of a fairy garden seems the the perfect spot for a Miss Muffet Vignette..... So here goes...


Anonymous said...

I really like the man in the tree-I am in the crazy quilters blog and think that I spoke of that idea-I am so glad to see it in action.

Where did you get the old man face from? I need that push mold.

Love the block!

Thelma said...

I can't wait to see what you add next Gerry! What awesome ideas you have to make these blocks come alive.

Lauri said...

Nu Mom
I agree. I love the idea of vignettes in CQ. I try to do that to some extent on things I do . I like the whole block to tell a story. Some blocks I work on for others are so disconnected that I have a hard time working on them. I am sure I will love everything you add to mine
Thank you so much

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