The perfect use for RR blocks...

On some round robins I would have an end purpose in mind for the blocks and by the time the round robin ended my vision would have changed.  Such is the case with these round robin blocks from several years back.  I had originally planned to use them with the lace cottage piece I was working on.  Then I used the lace cottage  as a cover on my CQJP book so I had six of these gorgeous blocks.   And I do mean gorgeous... This round robin was a"dream team" of stitchers -- Nicki Lee Seavey, Mary Beard Annette Graves, Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Claudia Skal and Rengin Yazitas.  I really wanted to use them for something special.....something where they would be seen and appreciated.

I've decided to make them into eyeglass cases.  First and most important  I wanted to preserve all the beautiful stitching.  When I made a pattern and put it on the blocks it couldn't have been a more perfect fit.

I may have to move a charm or two and remove a few seed beads on the seam line but other than that they will be fine.

What prompted this project is that I have been carry my magnifying glasses around in an ugly green plastic case or in an old velvet neck pouch that is too small. 

I also had a couple special people in my life that I wanted to give them something beautiful that would be used and appreciated.

These will fulfill that wish

This first one is still a work in progress and the clasp is not attached.  I had to remove a butterfly charm so I can  get the clasp on but after the clasp is secured I can reattach the charm.  I am not that happy with the  clasps I ordered and I will keep an eye out for some of a better quality for future use..


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely idea!

Marilyn said...

Those blocks are gorgeous and the recipients of the eye glass cases should love them. Another great Gerry idea :)

Margaret said...

Simply lovely! What a kind thought, too.

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