Last BoHo Bag

I meant to post about this bag in 2016 but it was a gift and then I forgot about putting it up... But I even had trouble finding any pictures this morning when I wanted to write about it....

One of my granddaughters had admired my BoHo bag   and I decided to make her one for her graduation in the spring of 2016.  Her favorite color at that time was purple and I wanted it to be fancy but still practical for someone her age.

I chose this pattern because of the extra side pockets but didn't pay that much attention to the shape of the handle and how it was attached.  First mistake.

Second mistake was my choice of materials...I wanted it to be opulent.  I had my heart set on several velvets and satin for the lining... right?  Slip and slide all the way and in addition I chose very heavy structural lace.  So bulk at the seams was a problem all the way also.  It all was so dark that it was hard to photograph.

This is the pocket on the backside.  The lace shows up better in this shot.
But as you can see from this inside shot that with all the bulk, the slippery fabrics, and the curved design of the handle it was definitely a challenge... 

But it was pretty spectacular when finished...most definitely one of a kind.  I might make this bag pattern  again but I would take it to a leather shop and have a leather handle made and sewn on there.

Now for my spider bag I have chosen this pattern called "Quattro bag" and it is readily available on line.I ordered it this morning.    It has similar side pockets but you can see how differently the handles are attached.

This will adapt itself very nicely to BoHo crazy quilting...  The bag itself will be black and embellished in color... I have tons of wonderful black stuff left from the suffragette quilt and I hope to make a dent in that stash.

Also I'm hoping I remember the lessons from the previous bag.

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Marilyn said...

Love the bag you made for your granddaughter. And I really like the pattern you have chosen for your next bag. So nice to read your posts again - I really missed them while you were gardening

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