It started all down but ended on an upnote.

Lucy and I were pretty much on the same page today.  DH is out of town and I had planned to spend the entire day, if necessary, getting my old computer to work with my new printer.  The old computer has all my beloved photo editing software, type libraries, and Pagemaker.... all these programs are obsolete and not compatible with the 62 bit new computer.  I use them all the time. ..way more than I use the new computer. There was just no way the old computer was going to interact with either the printer or my router.

After moving the couch and spending hours crawling around with cables I finally realized it was never going to work and not only that, if I persisted I would run the risk of my old system crashing.. After getting the dreaded blue screen twice I became paranoid about losing the computer with Windows XP.

What prompted this endeavor is the old printer just chews up card stock and ruins more sheets than I can print for my button cards..  After I gave up I found a tutorial on this very problem by a HP technician and the solution is "rubber rejuvenator".  You spray it on a sheet of paper, run it through your printer several times and it cleans and rejuvenates your printer's roller...  I ordered a can from good old Amazon.  So if you are having printer problems, give this a try.  I will report when it comes.

Of course I could scan a sheet and take it to Office Depot and have them print it but that is a pretty pricy option in the long run.  So I will give this a try.  But as the day went on I thought how devastated I would be to lose all that antiquated but loved software and could I even buy Window XP anymore?

Well it turns out I can buy a new computer with the old XP operating system.  Actually it is a refurbished computer but at least I would have a backup as they might disappear soon also.   It was not expensive considering the peace of mind... So unlike Lucy I ended a day with a smile instead of a frown... and determined to get every thing backed up on thumb drives.  I haven't be diligent lately about doing it.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Terry still has my old XP computer. He has all his photos on it. Even though I have saved them all on line and on sticks, he still cannot give up his computer. When I bought a new computer a couple of years ago I got a WIN 7 operating system. AND I got a Win 10 laptop. Just so I could get used to it when I absolutely HAD to. I hate it. I run google chrome on it and rarely use it. What WILL I do when I have to give up my 7 for an operating system that does not support most programs I use. I dread it.
xx, Carol

Marilyn said...

Its pretty scary thought that you might lose all the files on your old computer. My girlfriend keeps an old one with xp on it too. Good idea to get the "new" one though. I was really lucky when my computer crashed a few years ago that my son knew a tech savvy guy who was able to retrieve most of it and put the files on a disk for me. I was very happy about that.

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