A mystery, my new pants, the lizard and misc.

First the mystery.  I had a bowl just like this.  I   had it for SIXTY years.  It was my "bread bowl", my "sour cream rolls" bowl, and my double batch anything bowl and it was huge.  Not only that, I kept it on the same spot on the same shelf for the last 37 years... And when I went to use it last week it was gone.  We have looked everywhere inside and out to no avail. Absolutely no idea what happened to it...a true mystery.

I saw this pair of capri pants on the internet and I thought they might go well with the lace jacket for granddaughter's wedding.  So I ordered them and decided to order one size larger because it is much easier to take things in a bit than to let them out.

I liked the look of the tapered leg and it was supposed to be a stretch fabric which would be comfortable and I loved the color and   they had pockets.

Well they came and here is what was in the package.  I still love the color, they are well made, and the fabric is lovely.. But obviously taking them in a bit is not an option and I would have to be six feet tall for them to be "capri."  I am going to take them completely apart and see if I can make them fit.

I finished the pet lizard button for Ella's granddaughter.  It was a challenge.  His name is Bask!

It has been months since I updated the eye situation.  The most important update is I have a new doctor.  The pain from the side effects of the treatments was almost intolerable and I knew I needed to find help  ....but changing doctors is not that easy at this age. 

First there are not all that many retina specialists around here and the good ones aren't taking new patients and the ones taking new patients may or may not accept your insurance. But my opthamologist used her personal influence to get me in with the retina doctor of my choice and all that pain is behind me now.

 I had high hopes for a while the retinal occlusion (blood clot) would dissipate and sight in the right eye would improve but instead it has worsened and although I have some sight in that eye the occlusion makes it   look like everything has gone through a shredder.

So I am left with only the peripheral vision in the left eye which is like on the left... Nothing in the middle and blurry on the outside.  But with lots of lamps and magnification I can do a lot...the hardest part is accepting what I can't do and moving on...  sometimes "moving on" entails a day I call a "wailer"... but they are fewer and further between


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, the button looks good. And that disappearing bowl, well, that happens at my house a lot. Way too much. And then it gets so bad that I can't remember what it is that I can't find, lol. Right now it is my husband's army portrait of him in his uniform. Did I give it to my daughter? That sounds reasonable. But she is not talking to me right now, maybe forever, so I'm not asking.

I just hate it that your eye condition is not resolved. But you sure have a good attitude about it. I'm not sure I would if it were me.

Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol

Emily C said...

patience is the hardest thing sometimes. Being patient with others is usually easier than being patient with your owns problems. (i have an RSI in my left arm and can't sew right now at all.)

Marilyn said...

Coming to grips with the things we can't do any more is really tough and generally entails some wailer days before one remembers to be grateful for what one can still do and sets about finding new ways to stretch the limits and accepting the ones that just aren't going to happen any more. Fight like H### to do as much as possible and accept with grace that some things are gone (I must admit I do have trouble with the "grace" bit)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My goodness - you could fit two of you into those pants! Wow. Glad that you're finally getting some relief from the eye discomfort - now it's to be hoped that the new doctor will be able to help you further.

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