Progress on glass cases

I have all the cutting done for 6 more eye glass cases and sides are sewn.  Now all I have to do is attach the lining and the rest is hand work....what I call "fiddle work"- something mindless I can do while watching TV.  These are going to be gorgeous.  I found at least 8-10 more suitable blocks if I want to make more.

Because of all the embellishment they were
tricky to cut and difficult to cut around a pinned pattern so I laid the embellished block on a towel and traced the pattern on the back.  It was much more accurate.  I also basted all the seams by hand to be sure no beads, etc. were going to be caught in my machine sewing.  All went well.  Amazing there were very few beads to remove....less than a dozen total.

The pattern for my spider bag came and I was amazed at all the pattern pieces.  I think I would be wise to spend some time reading the instructions before I start and also organize the pieces...  This is not a quicky project...and I didn't really want it to be.  This one has been so long incubating that I want to savor it for a good while...

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Marilyn said...

The glasses cases are looking great so far. That bag is really intriguing. Can't wait to see what you choose for your fabrics. So many possibilities with that pattern.

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