What do you do when you can't stitch?

When I was first married in 1956 I always did my kitchen floor on my knees with paste wax and ironed my sheets and my house sparkled..  By the time I had three kids and was teaching full time, my priorities had changed...a lot!

Over the years cleaning house was relegated down the to-do list.  But when I'm frustrated and can't stitch I find doing something physical helps.... I sometimes cook but there's only two of us and there's a limit....if it is nice outside working in the garden is my second choice and the garden is showing the extra care... but if all else fails I have been cleaning and much to my surprise, enjoying it.  It has actually been therapeutic and last week I was even excited about going to Walmart to buy a new mop...and couldn't wait to use it.  Can't say the house sparkles yet but it is improving.

And speaking of the garden..... I had been so happy that my purple beans had been unmolested and were about 18" high but yesterday I went out and this is what I found.  Earlier this spring we added extra wire to every inch of the already in place deer fencing and I just can't believe the rabbits can still get in.  That leaves the quail but these beans were tall.  I may have to put up a cot and sleep in the garden.  Does anyone else have quail that destroy their garden?

Yesterday I bought some forms used to dry baseball caps and am using them to protect my squash plants.

The perennial geraniums naturalized over the years and are blooming in drifts all over the garden.... and in and out among the old rugosas..


Cathy said...

We have quail, but over the years they haven't bothered our garden. Bruce says that if they do, he'll go out and have a talk with them, explaining how delicious cooked quail is....

Marilyn said...

Gee, maybe you'd like to come and clean my house. We are in the middle of renovating the porch and I have stuff everywhere. I will be so glad to have the extra shelving when it is done so I can put a lot of my canning and big pots, etc out there....and still be able to find them when I need them. Until then I just have to spend about 3x looking for them before I can use them. Your garden is looking lovely - way too tempting for the critter though

margaret said...

like you the cleaning tnds to go on the to do list as th stitching sees more important! However I do get the hoover out sometimes and must admit quite enjoy seeing the room all polished etc shame it dos not stay that way.
No quails here or rabbits our biggest problem is slugs and snails, do not mind the snails so much as they can be picked up and I put them in the garden rubbish bin that gets emptied fortnightly but hate the slimy slugs.
Your geraniums look a picture have none here but forgetmeknots appeared last year and are quickly taking over in the back so will split them and put some in the front under the privet hedges when they finish flowering

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Perennial Geraniums!!??!! Gosh I wish they were available here. Great thinking outside the box with the hat forms.

I have never "enjoyed" cleaning. When I was young, my mother made us clean house on Saturday mornings before we could do anything else. A thorough cleaning...moving furniture to vacuum...scrubbing on hands and knees, etc.

With 3 dogs that like to lay in the dirt, my house is always dusty. But I do admit that cleaning is now therapeutic. I always feel better when the house is presentable and the dust is gone, even if for only a short time.

My button arrived yesterday safe and sound. Thank you so much. I now have one of your buttons of my two favorite birds the Crown and Blue Bird...and a cottage. I LOVE them all.
xx, Carol

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