My lot in life is "you poor dear"

Alas my lot in life is "you poor dear"  After I rode the bike off the mountain last fall and sat broken and battered in the ER, the doctor kept repeating "you poor dear" -"Oh you poor dear!" Tuesday when I saw my doctor , her very first words were "Oh you poor dear!"

Sunday I was spraying weedy spots on the trail in the forest and a huge cloud of tiny blacks insects attacked my face.  I hurried home but I was covered with bites.  Within an hour my face was all covered with welts and both eyes were  swollen shut and the itching was practically unbearable.  Two days later   I still looked as if someone has beaten me.... The doctor gave me cortisone cream for the itching and something to reduce the swelling.   My medical history is a litany of weird injuries and mishaps.

But I'm back in the garden again-smeared with insect repellant  and covered with dryer sheets as well.  And my tree peony has bloomed and it is about 12" across.

My peony collection covers a very long blooming period.  These ferny ones are the earliest.  Mine are all oriental singles because we get heavy rains in the spring and the blooms stand up better to it.

I did go back to the thrift store and luckily the card file was gone so I didn't have to buy it.


crafty cat corner said...

Rose, I just love reading your posts. do hope all's well now.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

On seeing your first photo, my first words were 'oh my'.

How awful, but by the looks of you in the next picture, you are doing much better. Bless your heart.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oh my goodness - you poor dear indeed!!! So sorry you were attacked by the horrible creatures.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMgosh! do you know what kind of bugs they were? Here in Northern Indiana I was bit by little black fly looking things last year that itched like crazy. Never happened before. I'm wondering what you know about dryer sheets that I don't? Do they repel bugs? You would think the scent would attract them.

Yes, you do have some weird things happen to you. Hope you are just great by now.
xx, Carol

Momma Bear said...

I know exactly how you feel! Aside from the "why does this always happen to me?" I was visiting a girlfriend in new York when little and we decided to "camp out in the backyard for the night. And I woke up with all these little bites all over my face! They were swollen and iched horribly to.
I sympathize, whole heartedly

margaret said...

what nasty little insects not surew the drying sheets will help unless they frighten them away

shawkl said...

So glad you are feeling better now. I bet if you layered some of those dryer sheets..you could sew you up a fashionable beenie cap...embroidered with flowers of course...to wear amongst those bugs! Hugs, Kathy

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