Another lace cottage..

 I will be soon starting on my second cottage book.  I made the original lace cottage block for the cover when I was only going to make one large book with the 12 CQJP cottage block pages ... Now that I'm making two books I need another cover and thought I would do a simpler lace cottage and do it step-by-step tutorial with a pattern.

I worked on this one for 2 years.  Except for the cottage, the garden   is ALL tiny French knots.  I plan to use lots of ribbon embroidery on this next one..it will go faster.

So I'm looking for inspiration and I find these images in my picture file..  First here is a garden in ribbon embroidery.  I just love the picket fence and all the flowers peeking through.

I want a simpler roof line this time.  I really struggled with the roof on the first cottage...and I do like the double chimneys but not crazy about the stone wall. In fact I really like the lines of this cottage though...

Here is a simple roof and a picket fence but I'd like a little different angle to allow a climber on a side wall.  It also has a stucco finish similar to lace.  And the detail on the front entry would lend itself very well to lace.

Now this one has a simple roof,  two chimneys, a side wall and a picket fence....but it is two stories.  I love the bird houses.  Since I had a lace bird house  on my first cover I need at least one lace bird house on this new cover.

So this evening I will sit down and draw my own pattern for my new lace cottage but these images have given me lots of ideas and direction.....  I hope you  follow along on this new project.


Marilyn said...

You are making great progress in finishing your ufo's. Can't wait to see the next cover :)

Suzie in Idaho said...

looking forward to watching this develop, Gerry

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your inspiration photos are all great, and I will be interested to see what pattern ideas you come up with. Even better will be to watch the project unfold!

kathy r said...

I wish I could keep up with you. Where do you get all your energy?
You are the most creative women I know.

Kathleen Mary
I blog at https://kathysnest32.wordpress.com/ when I am not tired.

margaret said...

I know you are going to make another delightful cottage with an amazing garden, will be following your progress all the way to the finish

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh I'll be following for sure. These are such pretty cottage pictures I'll enjoy seeing how you meld the images into your own pattern.
xx, Carol

chickadee04287 said...

So interesting to follow your thought process, Gerry. You are very good at explaining the mystery of creating these delightful cottages. Thank you!

Cindy Rogers said...

Thank you for writing this tutorial; I can't wait to finish reading some more!!
I do a lot of my "creative thought process" on my iPad and recently came across an app called "PhotoLab" where I can take a photo from my photo album and change it to a "pencil drawing" (I am not very good at sketching). For me it works as a great beginning.
Keep on posting as I love your blog!!

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