I can see possibilities....

I suppose "soutache jewelry" has been around a long time but I just really noticed it. After seeing some earrings in a thrift store and a brooch on the internet, I'm thinking this is something that could be incorporated into crazyquilting.  I can see it in paislies, birds, flowers etc. and I have a lot of those tiny cylindrical beads that I find difficult to use and they look great in here... Sometimes it incorporates lots of beads such as on the left here...but most times I've seen it with just the soutache braids with few or no beads in it.

I know it is hard to believe that's there something for which there is not a book, but I have not been able to find anything with instructions for this art form...  There are quite a few sites selling the jewelry though.  One source said it was an art form mostly found in France and Russia....

Isn't it just gorgeous.... I have a lot of cordings and soutache braids already.  Does anyone do this??? Does anyone know of a book with instructions..? I imagine it is similar to bead embroidery techniques.

P.S. Carol is right in her comment...  This site does have one good pictorial tutorial limited to one bracelet.. http://pivoineperles.canalblog.com/ Unfortunately even if you use Google translator it's all in French...I do have a friend who can translate it when she returns from vacation.  Be sure to check out her gallery if you visit this site..

 In response to Susie's comment...all the braid are stitched flat side to flat side..unlike goldwork which is mostly couching.. But the look has a similarity to both goldwork and bead embroidery..


Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed the jewelry, but the one you've shown is indeed beautiful. The look reminds me of the goldwork embroidery you like so much. Would it be possible to use some of those techniques ... just with colors and beads to make what you want?

Carol said...

Hi Gerry

You can check out this blog


I'm sure she has a tutorial
xx, Carol

Cathy said...

In the 70s I crocheted a bag from soutache braid and beads that I just loved. I didn't even know you could still buy soutache. I love that pendant. Maybe it is made like my great grandma made her braided rugs and sewed the braids together. Thanks for pointing out this artform.- Cathy L

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