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One of my favorite sites is  http://parisrags.blogspot.com She is having a giveaway right now.  She does the most the most clever things with old clothes and old lace...  If I were younger and skinnier I would love to wear some of her tops, skirts etc.... but I could manage this hat..

When Madi was here I found a lovely purple crushed velvet jacket for $4.00 at a thrift store... It is at least two sizes too big.  I bought it to cut it up for the velvet but it would be  perfect decked out in old lace...  I rummaged through my lace stash for lace collars and found 3....all of which I had cut out great hunks for other projects... I'm sure I'll find something if I keep digging and even try the lace bins in the barn...  Don't you love the side thingy!!!

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MosaicMagpie said...

I love the things on "Paris Rags" too, so soft and feminine.

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