My theory on color and color gone WILD!!!!

When it comes to color I tend to be analytical. I love monotones, pastels and subdued earthy colors..and colors I choose are always directly related to my moods. So I'm always fascinated by people who use pure colors and lots of it... The first retreat I went to in Colorado I saw a large piece by Lauri Burgessor and was immediately in love with it and her... It was her endearing "Romance Novel" quilt. This butterfly is one of her latest. Of course she is a superb stitcher but it was her use of color I found especially exciting. She doesn't blog nearly enough but I see that she did today..

Another similar person is Cathy LaBath. Anyone receiving her blocks to work on is aware of her love for color.....all colors and all at the same time. I am convinced there is not a color she doesn't love and use... Her blocks are challenging but always make me smile. I have a "seams only" block that she did for me in my colors which I shall treasure because limiting her palette must have been a challenge for her..

And then there is Allison Aller who I swear I saw skipping in CT. Her love of color is pure joy and if you haven't seen her "Jill's Quilt" she did for a cancer charity you must..

Now my theory is if you could peek inside the heads of such people who use color with such wild abandon that it would be like looking into a kaleidoscope and whirling color would be exploding everywhere in their heads... And since for me color is tied to my moods, I am convinced that these people also have a deep source of inner joy.. I want to thank each and everyone (and those I missed) for adding all the extra color to my life and always making smile...

I love you all.


Lauri said...

You're gonna make me cry!!
I don't know why I am drawn to color so much. I just have always been this way. I don't ever see a plain surface that I can't see embellishing. If I could wear costumes every day I would. One day I would be a Renaissance noble lady, the next a gypsy and after that some sort of steampunk Victorian wild child
I really don't see that I have some sort of inner joy, I see myself more as some grumpy short person with a very active imagination. Though I do have a very happy family life so I guess that's it!
Thank you so much for all your kind words, they really mean a lot to me

Pearl said...

I love the colors too, but I love your colors also.

Cathy said...

Oh, my. Imagine my surprise to see that someone likes my colorful blocks. Thanks for saying they make you smile. Thanks for the kind words. Like Lauri, I felt like crying. I was just pondering yesterday to myself (on my blog) whether or not stitchers have a "voice" that shows in their pieces much like authors show in their writings. Maybe not. But I'm trying to find mine.

And that prompted me today to respond with my ideas on color theory on my blog.

Love you too!

Cathy L

Momma Bear said...

I too love all colors all the time and when the ideas are coalescing it's fabulous! when they are not it's like standing to close to a Seurat, eyewatering and confusing!
I also wanted to thank you, thank you! for the new blog! I soo need some directions in composition and stuff.
I start out with a good looking piece most of the time but loose some direction in the middle and your blogs have been a big help!

Allison Ann Aller said...

You are VERY kind Gerry! thank you for these lovely words...
I will tell you that my colors are totally influenced by the seasons. What comes off my needle reflects what I see out the window...that is the bottom line!

I'm clearing the decks this week-end to start a new project "just for me"...not for any other purpose (and I've had lots of other purposes this past year)...even though the skies continue to be gray, the flowers are coming along and it is SO green around here. My new project will reflect that, for sure!
xoxox Allie

ps Lauri, I want to be a "steampunk Victorian wild child" right with you!

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