Artist Round Robin

Round robins in our online crazy quilt group (CQI) usually lend themselves to crazy quilting either in theme or technique but this one is totally different from any I've seen posted. The title was simply "artist" and I had no idea where it was headed.. I joined because I admired the stitchers who had signed up. I have never been in a group with Gayle before but Helina, Ritva, Margreet and Hideko are all outstanding stitchers.

Rather than pick one artist I chose to pick one theme done by various artists ... "a girl and her doll" I asked for very "girly" blocks which should definitely lend itself to CQ

I received Gayle's block first and she chose Georgia O'Keeffe. You saw my choice and how I handled it yesterday. But don't all her blocks capture the desert feel that had such a huge influence on O'Keeffe? I knew immediately which block I wanted... When I join a RR and the blocks are posted I always look ahead and decide which blocks would be my favorite and the possibilities.

Next I'll get Margreet's blocks and I have no favorite as they are all very similar....Her choice of artist is Mondrian and I do have a few ideas but not the easiest to relate to crazy quilting. I will follow Gayle.

Ritva took an entirely different approach and chose specific pictures and designed her blocks to capture the feel of each picture. She did a fantastic job. I can't remember his name but he is a Finnish wildlife artist...and all have birds...my very favorite.

Here I do have a instant attraction to one block and will be holding my breath until I get them hoping it is still available.. I'm third in line so chances are good but I love all of them so if my first choice is gone I will be delighted with any of them.. Can never go wrong with birds

Helina inserted images from the artist of her choice, Schjefbeck. Again I have a favorite but not holding my breath being fourth in line.

Last but not least is Hideko and she also chose a modern artist Paul Klee and constructed blocks that reflected the color combinations in his painting... Of this group I see one block that the entire block leaps into my head.. but only once in all the RRs I've been in has the block of my choice still been available being last to receive them... But I can hope.

Actually it is probably just as well I don't always get what I want as then I have an extra challenge to myself...which for me is the whole idea of joining RRs. I just thought you might enjoy seeing how each participant handled this generic theme..."artist".


Anonymous said...

Wow Gerry, All of the blocks in the round robin look fantastic. i love yours very much. I think my first favorite is Ritva's She did a amazing job interpreting those pictures. Also Gayle's are fabulous. Okay they are all awesome. I hope you post pictures of what you do. your work is always spectacular!!!

Ann Flowers

Ati. said...

Such a challenge to do those blocks!
You did fabulous work on Gail's!
Love the new header :-)

Plays with Needles said...

Oh!! This looks like great fun! I really love some of the challenges in the Round Robins...but alas, I would be a terrible round robin mate. It is very fun to see what you all do...I particularly like the Mondrian...it's the most challenging I think and could provide for some innovation....very fun. Thanks for setting the stage for the future. I wish all the Round Robins had a post like this to see the general gist before it starts. I get awfully lost in all the hundreds of posts on the list sometimes...good day Ger...xo Susan

gocrazywithme said...

This is a fascinating theme. I'm going to enjoy watching these progress.

Ritva said...

Thank you Gerry for staging these blocks and especially for the analysis! It will be wonderful to follow the process. There is so much for me to learn from you although/because my own way to work is so different. I feel quite afraid of Gayle´s blocks but maybe I can ask your help if I feel so?


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