Mice and Cathy's question

Quick Post: The bane of living on a farm but I'm sure others have seen a mouse or two.... For anyone having problems with mice I have the solution.... Bounce Fabric Softener...not any other brand... It used to be a constant problem in barn and unused closets and cabinets upstairs... but plopping down 5-6 sheets of Bounce keeps them away... I layered in all the materials and linens in the barn and have never had a problem since... I put it in suitcases going into storage in the barn.. and in winter bedding going into storage upstairs... Works for me..

Cathy L. asked whether my "Hints and Techniques for CQ with Vintage Linens" would work with things other than garments... ABSOLUTELY! pillow tops, wall hangings ...anything..


Gina said...

Oh, great idea! While one of the cats managed to corner a mouse last week, I think it got away and I've been seeing signs of them for a few weeks. Who knows what I'll find they've gotten into?

black bear cabin said...

wow...im going to give that a try! we live in an old log cabin, so mice can be a problem. Normally our cat takes care of the issue, but she disappeared last October, and i think the mice have figured it out and have come lurking. No worries though, we have two new kitties coming to live with us in the next couple of weeks :) In the meantime though, i would like to deter them from cruising thru the house!

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