Hats off to hats!!!!

Red, black and white definitely were the most popular colors for hats.. There were about 100 people at the party and about 40 ladies wearing hats..

I earned MAJOR "good wife" points for this function... My husband adores huge parties and flits about like a butterfly chatting with one and all.. At the very most I am comfortable in groups of 12 or less so I abhor these functions. We had a little rain and a little sunshine and it was very cold. I was wishing I had brought a blanket..

Lots of blues and turquoise but not a single pink.

The most unique!

DH's favorite hat!

And of course mine... Being the paradigm of indecision I not only changed my choice of horses several times I changed my choice of hat... I wanted to wear the vintage but it needed a hat pin to keep it in place and no way was it going to stay on my short hair...

So this green is another Liz C. I had planned put a bet on Pants On Fire (Susan E. choice) But so many people were betting on POF that even if it won, the payout would be bleak.. So I put my bets on Derby Kitten and Nehro and won $11 for my $4. I asked for a non-alcoholic mint julep only to be told they are all alcohol.. So I opted for a glass of ice water with a sprig of mint in it. The food was fabulous and now I can return to being a happy hermit again for awhile...


Carol said...

O, how fun!!
I like your choice. I would have been sure to wear a comfortable one too.

The most unique was...or was that a pillow turned hat?

OMGosh, I agree with your hubby. I LOVE that hat.

So glad you had a good time. I do better in smaller groups too.

Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of you and your DH. Love your hat. I also enjoy small groups. Whenever I invite a couple over, my DDH can't stop until there are at least 12 coming.....
Suzie in Idaho

Plays with Needles said...

Y'all look great! And I think a day where you more than double your money on the horses is a total winner!

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