Predictable dialogs

We've been married a long time and little routines have formed over the years... I keep a stash of home-made soups in the freezer for days I can't cook and when it about gone it goes something like this:

he: The soup is about gone. You can make some more any time.
me: Sure, what would you like?
he: Anything you want to make is fine.
me: Sure? I can make anything you want.
he: Anything is okay.
Loooooooong pause
he: Well, potato leek would be great.
me: That's fine.
Looooooooooong pause
he: It would be good with Yukon Gold potatoes
me: Sure!
Loooooooong pause
he: And maybe you can add some chicken and leave some of the potatoes in chunks ..... and remember last time you added cilantro instead of parsley.

We go through the same routine when he goes to town.

he: I'm going to town do you need anything?
me: No, I'm fine!
he: Sure?
me: Well maybe you can stop at the post office
loooooooooong pause
me: And my books are due at the library
looooooooong pause
And by the time it's done I have added 6 things to his "to town" list....

I find these repeated routines very comforting. It says something about our marriage. I'm not sure what but it's good...


Ati. said...

Recognizable :-D.
Isn't it great?

Betty said...

I have these same type of dialogs with myself, having lived alone for 20+ years.
ME: You should make some split pea and ham soup.
ME: Ya, but I don't have any ham.
Me: But look, there is a package of small white navy beans, and oh look, some meaty bacon.
Me: Just don't make enough for 10 people, make a small portion so you won't have leftovers.
ME: OK, oh that smells so-o-o great!

Betty said...

PS: I love your blog, and crazy stitching.

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