Just a reminder about my garden for birds!

If you have been following from the beginning you will remember that my initial plan was to plant the 20 acres and let it go "wild" which is what I did........ So pictures I show in my story are over a thirty-year period and the "glory days" of the roses was before I let it go wild... I will have a whole installment at the end on "letting it go" and what survived and what didn't and the garden today... Just stay tuned as it only gets more unbelievable.

I talk a LOT about "species" or native plants... I just ran across this photo of a wonderful rose as a prime example.... This is Rosa woodsi - Fendleri...one of the survivors...... It has a small, single, unremarkable pink rose in early summer that has a very short period of bloom time... But it's real extravaganza is it's hip display in the fall which hangs on for weeks and carries on into winter. Rose hips are highly nutritious and almost all the birds in the garden feast on them and lots of migrating birds stop here just for feeding on plants such as this rose...

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Marilyn said...

Wow Gerry. You could make rose hip jelly and not have to worry about leaving enough for the birds. And I love your new fur baby. He is adorable.


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