Miss Molly being mama!!!

We were holding our breath on how well Miss Molly would adjust to a pesky puppy.. For those who didn't know, Molly is a rescue dog and we're her 3rd home so obviously she has some issues... mainly being hyper and neurotic. First her herding instincts took hold. She constantly followed and watched him but never let him close...

But at the end of a week her mothering instincts came out and she is in full "mother mode" now... Isn't this picture just precious? Now she lets him jump on her and roll all over her. She lets him nibble on her ears, cheeks, nose, toes and even her tail... She plays chase and tussles with him for long periods of time...never losing her patience or getting too rough....

But when she's had enough she get on the couch just out of his reach... He barks, whines, whimpers and leaps at the couch but she just stays there...enough is really enough!!!!


Carol said...

I am a firm believer that in order for a dog to be happy, they must have the company of another dog. They are pack animals, afterall. We found that when we got a pup, all was better when we brought two brothers home. Ever since, we have two dogs. They just get in a lot less trouble and seem healthier. Yours are getting along great. So glad for you.

Momma Bear said...

oooh! Gerry!
they are soo cute together!
I was holding my breath, hoping for this outcome. because you never know for sure with rescue dogs which way they will bark!
I'm so happy for you!

Jo in NZ said...

Amazing! That is pretty much my mothers technique as well Gerry. I plant myself on the couch and dont move no matter how much they whinge, moan and complain.

FredaB said...

I never thought of this method when I had small kids. Get up high enough they can't touch you but you can watch them. Wonder if it works with grandkids.

Just kidding. They are precious together. I keep seeing all these little pups on the blogs and most of our neighbours have them (mainly small) and then I keep saying "No more dogs" right? It will probably be my mantra all the way to the kennel one of these days.



aMUSEing said...

I've been enjoying catching up on your blogs. So fun to see the pictures of the dogs and good to hear how well they are doing together! So sweet.

I'm also really enjoying your garden updates and think it will make a wonderful book!

And you got one more lamb this past weekend,YEA!

Karen said...

The two of them are so adorable together!!

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