Golf ball Crisis!

As a child I loved absolutely everything about my grandfather's farm.. the smell of the barn, the animals and especially the chickens and gathering eggs. In some nesting boxes there were gorgeous marble eggs to encourage new layers... I was always fascinated by the marble eggs.

So when I first got chickens years ago I bought 2 beautiful marble eggs... My chickens wanted none of it and tossed them out of the nest. My neighbor gave me some golf balls and those were OK with the chickens. Over the years every time I get a new batch of layers I tried to sneak in the marble eggs and the results are always the same....out they go... So each of the two nesting boxes always has a golf ball in it..
Somehow (and don't ask me how) one of the golf balls disappeared... Then all the chickens would only lay an egg in the box with the golf ball in it...if I moved the golf ball to the other nest they laid their eggs in that nest. They actually waited in line for the box with golf ball and sometimes had to lay their egg in front of the box while waiting their turn.... So today a golfing friend brought me some extra golf balls and the crisis is over... Thanks heavens.... such drama on the farm!


FredaB said...

Plenty of them where I live in the winter. Had a man trim down the bushes at the edge of the pond and he came up with 4. Our pond is full of them because you hear the plop then arond the trees comes a golfer looking everywhere but the pond. They would never hit itin there. I get a laugh out of it.

Poor chickens without their golf balls. It sounded like the ladies waiting in line to use the toilet at the fair.




Plays with Needles said...

What a hoot!!!! I didn't know any of this but have always fancied myself as wanting to have chickens and gather eggs in the morning with my basket over my arm and my bonnet round my neck...

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