The Spirit of Maggie

She had spirit and was bossy, grumpy and independent
She was a Corgi, abandoned, unwanted, and unloved .
We adopted her and adored her and she tolerated us.
We catered to her, pampered her and she reluctantly
decided to live here if we continued to fuss.
Ron became her person, her follower, her slave
She was his constant companion, his girl, his mate
She rode on his lap in the truck and slept at his side at night.
She joined him for long daily walks and lavished
him with kisses when he returned from an outing.
Atop a pile of pillows, she’d survey her realm,
a princess, a treasure, and a friend to the end.
In the early years she begrudgingly endured poor Fritz
but in their old age she was his gentle and loving friend
In her dotage she survived brain cancer, radiation,
medications and would pace the house for hours.
But at fifteen, she went out one evening to pee
And, like a little ghost, just disappeared into the flowers.
We will miss her terribly. I’ll have to learn to cook without her
underfoot and Ron will reach out to pet her the rest of his life.
Now when there’s dew on the grass and wind in the trees
Maggie’s spirit will wander the farm, as free as that breeze.
Maggie Krueger
May 1994- June 2009


Lauri said...

Oh Nu Mom
I am sorry! I love all my non human kids too. It is so hard when they just leave and you never know what happened
Having pets teachs us so much
You have my sympathy

pineapple_ing said...

Dear Gerry and Ron,

What a beautiful tribute for your beloved Maggie. I sympathize with you both for your loss.

God Bless Maggie where she may roam and God Bless Gerry and Ron for the Gentle Folk they are. I Pray and Hope that the memories of Maggie will Forevermore bring Joy to their Hearts.

Comforting Hugs, ~ Ing in S. Cali.
P.S. Gerry, I look forward to meeting you in Sept.'09 in CO.

Carol said...

Weren't you all so lucky to know each other. Its funny how a pet picks their own human to bond with. Some people never know that joy. I am told that the bond is soul recognition and I believe it from my own experience. You are right, she will always be with you both in memory and spirit.

I am sorry you lost her, but happy you rescued her, knew her and loved her.

Gerry said...

Gerry, I'm so sorry that your little darling has left you. You obviously gave her a wonderful life in your time together.

I hope that your memories will bring you more joy than pain.


quiltlion said...

Gerry, I know that God blessed you and Ron with that little angel. Just rember that she will live on forever in your hearts. Great Big Texas Hugs! Lyn G

CottageBliss said...

Gerry and Ron,
I am so sorry your little one has passed this life. I know her memories will comfort you in the days to come. So many of us know your pain through the loss of our precious fur babies.


Cathy K said...

Dear Gerry, I'm so sorry to hear of Maggie's passing. Your tribute was lovely and very moving. Big hugs to you and Ron (and Fritz, too!). Enjoy the memories; my heart goes out to you. Hugs, Cathysyc

Anonymous said...

Gerry & Ron, I am so sorry you have lost your precious pet. Very nice tribute to Maggie. Here"s a hug Gerry.(((YOU)))) Debbie (Maine)

RoseLady said...

My heart goes out to you both. I am owned by little Dachshund people and know the sorrow of loosing a dear friend. My thoughts are with you in this time of sadness.

Ati. Norway. said...

Gerry and Ron, I am so sorry you lost you dear fur friend. Know that she has had a wonderful life with you two.

Cobi said...

oh dear Gerry I'm so sorry to hear Maggie has gone. I'm so touched by your post about her. Fritz will also be upset I'm sure. Its so hard to loose one of your furry children. Take care. lots of love and hugs from someone who's been there and wears the scars.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Dear Gerry - my heart goes out to you and Ron and Fritz. You have all lost a great friend. This kind of great pain only comes from a great love. Take care.

CarolynPhi said...


I'm so sorry you have lost your dear Maggie, and I know how much the two of you will miss her.

Our sweet babies become so much a part of our daily lives, it's hard to imagine our lives without them.

Your tribute to Maggie is so beautiful and heartfelt my heart aches for you.


joannestitches said...

Dear Gerry,
I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved companion. I lost my Chocolate Lab Garth this year, like yours I acquired him when he was 4 years and he was the most special dog. I miss him terribly. But I smile when I think of him he brought me such joy and fond memories.
joanne gledhill

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